Exams and Success Criteria

The new ‘Success Criteria’ now necessary to achieve best examination results is practiced by Bright Star. We guide parents and their children through these required steps giving them tools and strategies to cope with exams, assessments or interviews. Our students understand the requirements for a well-planned piece of work and skillfully include these criteria in their papers to increase chances of success. We also focus on exam question answering, memory techniques, comprehension and textual analysis, exam taking preparation, study skills and organisation. Entrance exams we cover include:

– Interactive play and communication skills for 4+ assessments
– 7/8+ entrance for preparatory schools
– 11+ Common Entrance and school specific entrance
– 11+ entrance for North London Girls Schools Consortium
– Pre-assessment for 13+ Common Entrance taken in years 6 and 7
– 13+ Common Entrance and school specific entrance

“It was clear to me early on that Dylan’s tutor totally worked him out – as a result they now teach him in a way that he responds best to. Bright Star Tutoring has helped enormously with his confidence in creative writing and comprehension by providing him with his own set of ‘tools’ when working alone. The dreaded 11+ is now not so daunting as they have established a happy working relationship. We have seen a more self confident approach to his school work as he sees weekly improvements himself. We are delighted and would highly recommend Bright Star Tutoring.”
  YPJ. South Kensington, London

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