Our Tutor Experience

Bright Star Tutoring supplies and tailors its exceptional tutors according to the individual needs of each pupil. We thoroughly understand the education system and our tutors have a natural ability to inspire, educate and communicate; stimulating pupils to help them achieve outstanding results. Our tutors, who have extensive knowledge and understanding of the educational system, work with children of all age ranges and abilities including those with learning difficulties. We start with children as young as 2 years and provide care combined with educational play to provide a stimulating, secure and happy environment. We tutor 4+, 7+, 8+, 10+, 11+, 13+, 16+, Common Entrance, A Levels as well as interview technique and mentoring.

Bright Star Tutoring Rates

Bright Star Tutors

All our tutors have years of professional teaching experience behind them with exceptional success rates at gaining entry into some of the most sought after schools in the country. We train our tutors so that they are not just teachers, but mentors that pass on unmeasurable knowledge and understanding of the world around them. Our Bright Star Tutors enhance children’s learning skills through the Socratic Method of Pedagogy. The Pedagogical technique gives little information directly, but guides the child asking a series of questions, with the result that the student forms inquiry and discussion. This technique stimulates the child holistically, reinforcing confidence which we believe is the absolute key to any success.

Our tutors have gained supreme qualifications from varying, but outstanding schools and universities from around the UK and abroad. We select our tutors through a rigorous training and assessment procedure, using our very own quality exam papers. From this, we choose only the absolute finest. Our tutors not only have extremely impressive credentials, but this is coupled with their ability to stimulate, educate, inspire and communicate.

NOTE: SENCO/Physical Disability- We have excellent tutors available who specialise in working with children with Special Educational Needs including ADHD, Autism and Dyslexia, as well as those with physical disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy. If your child has Specific Learning requirements, please feel free to discuss this with us.



  • 3-4 years (4+ PA)                            Katie:  £70

Tutors: £60


  • 6-7 years (7+ T/M/ET)                   Katie:   £70

Tutors: £60


  • 7-8 years (8+ T/M/ET)                   Katie:  £70

Tutors: £60


  • 8-9 years (9+ T/M/ET)                   Katie:   £75

Tutors: £65


  • 9-10 years (10+ T/M/ET)              Katie:   £75

Tutors: £65



  • 10-11 years (11+ T/M/ET/IP)      Katie:    £75

 Tutors:  £65

  • 11-12 years (12+ T/M/ET/IP)       Katie:    £75

  Tutors:  £65


  • 12-13 years (13+ T/M/ET/IP/CE) Katie:    £80

  Tutors:  £70


  • GCSE (T/M/ET/A/IP)                         Katie:    £80

  Tutors: £70

•     A Level (T/M/ET/A/IP/D/TT/CE.) Dependant on Tutor. Rate to be discussed.

•    Scholarship (ST/T/M/G/IP/ET/ES/A/D/CT/TT) Dependant on Tutor. Rate to be discussed

•    Assessment

  4+ £250.00
7+ £400.00
8+ £500.00
11+ £700.00
13+ £720.00
GCSE £750.00
A Level £800.00

•   Skype Tuition                                             Same rates as traditional tuition.

•   Mentor / School Advise                          Katie:  £2, 500 per term



T = Tutoring

M = Mentoring

G = Guidance

ET = Exam Technique

ES = Exam Strategy

IP = Interview Practise & Skill

CE = Common Entrance

A = Analysis

PA = Poetry Analysis

CT = Comprehension & Technique

D = Decoding

TT = Terminology Tuition

“Katie tutors my son and they have a wonderful relationship. She has the ability to stimulate him, get him to focus throughout and produce solid work that makes me hugely proud. She taps into his imagination and brings out his creative side with her up-beat, enthusiastic and hugely professional attitude. She knows her subject and I can see she shapes her teaching to suit a child’s needs. Thank you Katie – we couldn’t have done it without you.”  M Chambers, Bayswater, London

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