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Balancing Act


seesawIt can be hard to strike a balance during the Half Term holidays; between ensuring that your child has enough time to relax and rest, yet also making certain that the last six weeks of work isn’t forgotten in an instant.

We asked our Tutors for their top tips on how everyone can get the best out of the Half Term break

1. Set aside Study Time

If you enforce a routine early on, it’ll be far easier to stick to than if you suddenly panic late in the week. Set out clear expectations about how much time you expect your child to spend studying each day and what you want them to accomplish.

2. Ask about their learning 

Students, whatever age, love to tell others about what they’re learning, particularly their parents. Ask your child their favourite thing they’ve learnt this term in each of their subjects and ask them to talk you through it. Have a look through their exercise books and ask them if they’re aware of what they’ll be studying next.

3. Make learning fun

There are endless resources online that you can turn to if your child has completed their standard holiday homework. If they’re struggling with a subject, just search online for video tutorials or interactive games which will help them get to grips with things.

4. Work hard, Play hard

Play is crucial during half term. It’s designed as a break from the vigour of the school term so make sure you have lots of time when your child can simply switch off, see friends, stock up on sleep and have fun. It’s all about balance.

Autumn Term


leafWith all the schools now back from the long Summer break, the Autumn term is in full swing. It’s been an exceptionally busy start to the school year for Bright Star Tutoring and we’re thrilled to be meeting new students each week, matching them up to our brilliant tutors and getting some really great feedback about inspiring sessions and excellent progress.

Known at Oxford and Cambridge University as Michaelmas, the Autumn term at schools around the UK is the start of the academic year, generally broken up half way through with October half term. It can be a shock to the system to enter into almost 16 weeks of school routine after such a long Summer break however many of our Bright Star Tutoring students have said that they’re enjoying the back to school phase of the year.

We’ve compiled a list of things Bright Star Tutoring students love about the Autumn Term and would love to hear yours!

  • New exercise books and the chance to make them as neat as possible
  • Rugby matches
  • Starting GCSE or A Level courses
  • Changing to a new school
  • Entering Sixth Form
  • Hockey and Netball tournaments
  • Auditions for Christmas plays
  • Collecting conkers in the playground