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Matching Up


Bright Star Tutoring is passionate about matching the right tutor to each student. A huge amount of time and effort goes into ensuring that both parties are entirely happy and able to work to the best of their ability, with the end goal of achieving the best results possible. We believe the ideal matching of tutor to student really is the key to success.

Two Simple Steps: 

1. Needs of the student

Every tutoring enquiry we receive is different. We look in depth at the needs of the student; – their current school, the exams they’re under taking, their place within their class, as well as their learning style and how they like to process information. We always talk extensively to the parents and meet the student where necessary in advance of matching any tutor.

2. Skills of the tutor 

We’re incredibly proud of the wide range of skills held by our tutors. From Grade 8 violin players to History of Art graduates, with experts in each exam field, we genuinely feel we have all bases covered. We’ll match an appropriate tutor to a student based on them being able to offer everything the student requires to achieve their individual goals.



Michaelmas Term

oxfordWhereas Back To School September already feels like months ago, it’s only now that some university students are returning to their studies. We are extremely proud of one of our Bright Star Tutoring students who will start her first Michaelmas Term at Oxford University this week.

The name Michaelmas is derived from the Feast of St Michael and All Angels, which falls on 29th September. Other universities in England which use the name Michaelmas term include University of Cambridge, Durham University, Kings College London and London School of Economics.

The Michaelmas Term ends on 17th December with the Christmas break. In January, Hilary Term will begin, followed by Trinity Term in the Summer months.

Interview Techniques

shakinghandsOne of the questions most commonly asked to our tutors around the time of January Entrance exams is how best to prepare children for, often their first ever experience of, an interview.

It’s a relatively unfamiliar concept to many children – especially those sitting 7 or 8 plus exams – and can seem daunting and create nerves or stress. With early preparation and ensuring that students fully understand both the point and process of an interview, excellent results can be achieved.
Call us now on 07495 604 979 to discuss how we can help your child with their interview process. We have a lengthy and informed list of questions including those used by top independent London schools. Alongside this, our tutors are trained in teaching children key non verbal skills including body language, posture and eye contact.