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Matching Up


Bright Star Tutoring is passionate about matching the right tutor to each student. A huge amount of time and effort goes into ensuring that both parties are entirely happy and able to work to the best of their ability, with the end goal of achieving the best results possible. We believe the ideal matching of tutor to student really is the key to success.

Two Simple Steps: 

1. Needs of the student

Every tutoring enquiry we receive is different. We look in depth at the needs of the student; – their current school, the exams they’re under taking, their place within their class, as well as their learning style and how they like to process information. We always talk extensively to the parents and meet the student where necessary in advance of matching any tutor.

2. Skills of the tutor 

We’re incredibly proud of the wide range of skills held by our tutors. From Grade 8 violin players to History of Art graduates, with experts in each exam field, we genuinely feel we have all bases covered. We’ll match an appropriate tutor to a student based on them being able to offer everything the student requires to achieve their individual goals.



Countdown to January

alarm clock

It’s easy to think that Christmas and New Year are far off in the distance, however every year January arrives before we know it – bringing with it entrance exams for students of all ages.

The very best thing you can do to ensure nerves and stress are kept to a minimum is to prepare. It really is never too early to start preparing and many of our clients have been booking in regular sessions every week for the past year in preparation for entrance exams coming up in 2016.

If you’re starting to countdown to January exams, whatever the age of your child, call us today to discuss your specific needs and how you’d like potential sessions to be tailored. Figure out your child’s timetable and discuss with them whether they’d be happy doing sessions after school, or whether they’d prefer weekends or intensive sessions during the Christmas holidays.

Getting started now will mean that the countdown is calm and structured, your child will be confident and prepared going into the exams, and the Christmas holidays will be far more enjoyable – as they should be.


Now that the Autumn term is in full swing, school life can get exceptionally busy – sports matches, homework, extra curricular clubs, and of course Bright Star Tutoring sessions.

We understand that you’re busy and all too often a free Saturday is simply a chance to stop for a minute on the sofa and catch your breath. However if you can possibly find the time to make space at a weekend for a trip to a museum, you won’t regret it.
We’ve compiled a list of our favourite three London museums below, and it’s hard to believe that practically everything you’ll want to see is completely free.
Right by South Kensington underground station, you’ll find endless hours of fun here. Get there soon and you’ll be able to enjoy their new exhibition all about Food and Cravings. There’s a real emphasis on interaction at this museum so it’s particularly suited to younger children, desperate to touch, play and push every button they see.
In the Summer months, you can sit in the beautiful courtyard here and watch children (and the occasional adult) splashing about in the fountains. Coming up in the Autumn months, there’ll be a focus on India – from the fabrics to the country’s history, and make sure you stop by the Learning Centre to pick up one of their Free Family Trail packs.
With recent exhibitions covering everything from coral reefs to butterflies, the schedule of events at Natural History Museum is never dull. Either wander around the 36 galleries on display here, or go technological with the new virtual reality experience they’ve introduced. In Winter months, combine an educational trip with exercise at their outdoor ice skating rink.