Cheat Sheet On How To Be A Better Annotator

Teachers were asked to share the hardest part of teaching good highlighting and annotation skills. They said:

  • “Teaching kids that highlighting is not painting the barn.” —Patricia B.
  • “Getting students to understand the different aspects of text worthy of notation—main idea, significant detail, theme, etc.” —Melissa W.
  • “Convincing them it’s necessary.” —Amy S.

With these comments in mind, “We are Teachers” created a brand-new classroom poster to help you teach kids smart highlighting skills. Plus, don’t forget to save and pin the exclusive educator infographic, which has more ideas for teaching annotation in the classroom.

You can download these posters in high quality and print out to hang them on your wall.

(Also Golden Rules of Highlighting)

Infographic smart annotators

Golden rules of highlighting


infographic-smart-annotation-final infographic-smart-annotation-final2

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