Entrance Exams

Bright Star understands that this is an important time for your child and at 4 plus, it will be the first time your child has sat an assessment. Katie understands this and navigates both parent and child in what can be a daunting process. With competition raising the educational entry bar year after year, she guides parents through challenging times to achieve the best results at all ages. Whatever the age, she assesses each and every child in a trail lesson. She gains as much relevant information about the child as possible, and with her extensive knowledge of schools, their ethos and history, she can then map out a programme going forward.

Today’s private schools frequently demand entrance examination at many points of entry; Katie ensures her students are fully equipped and ready. She is on hand to meet your child’s needs whether your child is aiming for a competitive entrance to a preparatory school at 7 plus, gearing up for the 13 plus entrance to a top, leading school or Scholarship. Whatever it may be, Katie is here to help.

“Katie has been able to quickly identify my daughter’s needs and get her into a good routine, going through the 7+ English and Maths syllabus. Katie is brilliant, it clearly comes naturally to her. She is able to get the best of my daughter’s ability whilst captivating her imagination for essay writing (which is hard at this early stage). My daughter always looks forward to studying with her and this has helped reduce the pressure!”
   Mrs L Whynne, Kensington

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