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Bright Star Tutoring Extra Curricular Services

School Advice, Academic Mentor & Guardian Angel

All children need oversight if they are to succeed. Boarding schools have systems in place, but experienced boarding families know that parents or the input of a Mentor is also vital. Bright Star realises that this can be extremely hard for overseas and busy professional families, so an Academic Mentor is an experienced parent or professional educator who fills the gap.

Katie mentors, motivates, guides, and advises children in how to build in confidence and help them achieve in school, as well as later in life at GCSE and A Level balancing work pressures with social commitments and hobbies. Katie can provide support in working closely with a small number of children and schools. She will make sure your child is getting the most from his or her schooling. They check in on your child via telephone, email and Skype or Zoom, as well as making themselves known at the school. This is especially important for the child’s welfare. We create and maintain firm relationships with the Headmaster or Mistress alongside core teachers.

As part of our service the Mentor will:

  • Devise with the child detailed study objectives and extra-curricular programmes during term time and over the holidays
  • Visit the child at school to meet with house masters, tutors, and teachers – monitoring academic progress and giving parents feedback via email, Skype / Zoom and / telephone
  • Assist parents in interpreting school end of term reports and liaise with the school on behalf of the parents to resolve anything that is of mutual concern
  • Resolve any issues or concerns that the parents and / or child may have regarding pastoral care matters
  • Help the child make important subject choice decisions at GCSE and A Level
  • Assist in making arrangements for holiday revision courses if required
  • Organise tuition programmes with Bright Star Tutoring
  • Advise on suitable UK university courses and help with the application process

School Placing

  • Many parents benefit from our full school placement service in which we take parents methodically through all the stages of placing their child into a school.
  •  The service incorporates the following parts:

First Consultation

  •  Our consultant will learn as much as possible about a child’s background and suitability to particular schools. This consultation may take place in London or at a family home / Katie’s home (dependant on time and distance) or via Zoom if appropriate.

Preparation & Ongoing Discussion

  • We provide a post-assessment report and in-depth discussion detailing the schools that we suggest are most suited to the child. The nature of this selection process may involve an extensive exchange of ideas between parent, child and consultant.

School Choices

  • The consultant prepares a shortlist of schools with a detailed report on each suggestion.

School Visits

  • Bright Star can organise special visits up to five chosen schools, accompanying the family on these visits, in order to introduce parents to the school environment.

Entrance Exams

  • Katie can organise for a child to sit the appropriate school entrance exams. We can arrange private tuition to ensure that the child is properly prepared. We also advise on scholarship exams.

Interview Practice

  • Interviews at prospective schools are important and start from as young as 4+.  We can provide practise interviews that come together towards the end of the tutoring and lead up to all exams. We discuss areas of weakness and strength, allowing better understanding of their child and what to practise at home. Schools do not want children to be prepared for interviews, but we can help them to feel more confident and give tips and pointers, as well as hints as to what could come up.

The Acceptance Process

  • A child may be placed on a waiting list for a first-choice school – we then do all we can to find movement within that list. We monitor the progress and keep the parent up to date on any movement or news.


  • We begin with an academic assessment of the child. Katie Reeve-Tucker, a Specialist Tutor, will map out a finely tuned and holistic assessment of your child. This is how we can identify the gaps and determine the right educational path. Katie follows our own new and adapted Success Criteria that is in line with the Examination Board, marking scheme and curriculum to give the most accurate and polished assessment. We always take a very holistic approach and tap into our student’s senses, maximising on their potential and sometimes hidden ability.
  • After the assessment of a child, we have a strong understanding of his or her ability across a spectrum of numerical and literary capabilities. We are able to build up a finely detailed picture of the child’s strengths and weaknesses. This is particularly helpful because Katie can then direct the focus of a child’s learning. Her feedback is followed up with a breakdown of the assessment (Assessment Report) and this is discussed in detail.
  • We also offer interviews, interviewing the child to assess what type of school is most likely to lead to them growing in confidence and that caters to all their individual needs, goals, ambitions, hobbies and interests.

Zoom Tuition

If your child is either based outside the UK or living well outside of London beyond the reach of Bright Star, Zoom tuition can be an excellent way to offer your child tailored one-to-one tuition.

  • Each lesson is planned and prepared by Katie to provide a clear structure. The planning involves setting attainment targets and, where appropriate, independent study to be submitted prior to the following session
  • Katie will debrief parents via email or zoom. These reports enable parents to monitor their child’s progress. Once a student can see they are making progress, it is amazing what this can do to their confidence

Bright Star Tutoring has carefully adapted our top tutoring techniques to suit the growth in the popularity of Zoom tuition, ensuring that our students from every location can benefit from our Success Criteria.


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