Tutor Experience

Worried? Don’t be. Katie will guide you…

Bright Star Tutoring supplies and tailors its tutoring according to the individual needs of each pupil, whilst working closely with the parents and their intimate knowledge. Katie has an extensive understanding of the education system, but most importantly has a natural ability to inspire and communicate; stimulating pupils to help them achieve outstanding results. She has worked with children of all age ranges and abilities, including those with learning disabilities. Bright Star starts with children as young as 3 years – she combines educational play with a stimulating and happy environment within her family home. She offers Zoom tuition for all ages and offers up her skills for children as young as 3 years. She has built the most wonderful report with her students and remains firm friends with some of her clients.

Covid proved to be a tricky time for all families with young children. Bright Star remained in demand and her students who have now gained entry to schools such as Eton and Winchester at Scholarship are flying high! An immense achievement considering the unnatural restraints. Katie has always had students to her house at the weekends in Winchester, and looks forward to better times. However, to move with the changing environment, she provides Zoom sessions and has students from all over the world.

Katie provides tutoring for: 

  • 4+ Assessment
  • 7 + Examination
  • 8+ Examination
  • 9+ Examination
  • 10+ Examination
  • Common Entrance 11+
  • Common Entrance 13+
  • 16+ Examination
  • Interview Technique
  • Decoding of examination papers
  • Mentoring and guiding students through steps and criteria

Bright Star Tutoring Rates


Katie has a university degree in Theatre Studies & English from Bristol, as well as a NEC (National Extension College, Level 3) teaching and Montessori Diploma. She lives in Winchester and is a mother to two beautiful girls. She started her career in southern India, teaching English in 1991 and later found herself in and out of schools in London. This soon led her onto tutoring independently and setting up Bright Star Tutoring. With an array of success behind her, she has guided her students through high pressured exams, risen their percentage by 55% at best, and built lasting confidence in her students, as well as teaching them methods and skills that will guide them through education. She has gained her students entry into some of the most challenging schools throughout the country and is forever proud of them all. She believes in her methodology of looking at the child holistically and encourages the child to think for themselves, developing on their interests through subject and trying to always challenge them to take on new tasks which she believes will manifest in confidence and natural ability.

Discussion and Lateral Thinking…

Throughout a child’s education, students are encouraged to understand the world around them and begin to have a knowledge, as well as an opinion in current affairs. Discussion and lateral thinking are huge pillars of strength if touched upon both within schools and at home. Discussion essays are a big part of the curriculum and implementing a strong foundation at home is incredibly helpful in shaping a child’s experience.

Katie will take you through step-by-step methods that will provide understanding and give them the confidence to decode.


  • 3-4 years (4+)                                                    £80.00
  • 6-7 years (7+)                                                     £90.00
  • 7-8 years (8+)                                                    £95.00
  • 8-9 years (9+)                                                    £95.00
  • 9-10 years (10+)                                                 £100.00
  • 10-11 years (11+)                                                £100.00
  • 11-12 years (12+)                                                £100.00
  • 12-13 years (13+)                                               £120.0
  • Scholarship (11+& 13+)                                     £100.00 – £120.00
  • Zoom Tuition (same price as face to face)

“Katie tutors my son and they have a wonderful relationship. She has the ability to stimulate him, get him to focus throughout and produce solid work. She taps into his imagination and brings out his creative side with her up-beat & enthusiastic attitude. She knows her subject and I can see she shapes her teaching to suit a child’s needs. Thank you Katie – we couldn’t have done it without you.”  M Chambers, Bayswater, London

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